emilybrowningfans: Hi! Could you ask your followers to sign the petition to get the intended Sucker Punch ending? Zack's already aware of it, he just needs to know people want it. It's the newest post on our blog. Thanks in advance! 

Of course, I'll have to find your publication because long ago I did not enter the blog due to lack of time.

funnnnnman7: when is a date for a date so i can ponder long short or soon? 

I do not understand that comes this question :|

funnnnnman7: when we hangin out respectfully? V look's so n ice, go girl free as a bird now! 

The truth in these last years, Vanessa is more free themed dress and way of being, before seemed she be trapped in something and not be able to show he really is, layers that it was Disney that toward that she seemed to like that, or out of fear of what others say about it.

Anónimo: Do you guys know if she's signed on to any new movies ? 

Vanessa not is currently filming.

Forgiveness that, in these weeks I have not updated, as I already started classes, I don’t have the same time as before, but by little I will try to post the latest photos of Vanessa.